Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Interactive Content

Brainific aims to provide leading innovative artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions. We strongly think there are different fields that would obtain benefits from their applications. For example, we are aware that fields such as on-demand content, advertisement, streaming media and interactive software are not taking advantage of what artificial intelligence and machine learning can offer.

Due to this reason, here in Brainific we decided to write a position paper in order to create and lead a work group inside eNEM platform.
eNEM is the Spanish Technology Platform dedicated to Networked Electronic Media that takes the European NEM platform as a reference.

We have titled our paper “Aplicaciones de la inteligencia artificil en contenidos interactivos” (Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Interactive Content).
This paper has been accepted and published on the eNEM site for being studied by the eNEM members. We hope that this initiative will attract other eNEM members so a work group can be formed.

Note: the paper is unfortunately available only in Spanish; however it will be translated shortly.

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