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Jan 21

Working NLP on Morrowind dialogues

Morrowind, the third installment in the Elder Scrolls series by Bethesda Softworks, is an epic fantasy action RPG with an incredibly alien setting and a complex narrative. It includes a sheer amount of in-game content texts, describing past history and current events in minute detail, even including conflicting accounts of critical game events of, really, […]

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Oct 24

Brainific present at EXAG 2017

Brainific has succeeded in presenting some exciting technologies in the Experimental AI in Games workshop within the AIIDE 2017 conference. We have presented work on our Action Framework (described initially here and here) as a demo, as well as a short paper on Dynamic Epistemic Logic and how it can be used within the design […]

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Jan 25

The noncombatant character

The pilgrim walked down the hill to the entrance of the cave. A couple of bandits with steel shortswords guarded the entrance. One of them unsheathed its weapon after hearing the creaks made by the leather boots. The other followed after a brief moment. “You vagrant! Get lost before we skewer you and roast you […]

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Sep 8

Twisting your trees

In the previous post “Introducing the Action Framework”, we presented a separate architecture where behaviours act as reactors to the current state of the game. This allows active behaviours to run synchronously and quickly, moving the more “deliberate” processing to a separate thread or fiber. But how do we select our behaviours? FSMs, trees, planners, […]

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Mar 1

Introducing the Action Framework

After watching many behaviour tree implementations and GOAP prototypes, we decided that Brainific could build a tool that takes the best from both, and hopefully allows other interesting structures. As we explain in our previous post, there are some common aspects in them, mainly low level reactive behaviours, and some mechanism to find out when […]

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Oct 22

Behaviours in Games

Agents in a virtual world need a brain to provide fun to the players: the smarter the brain, the merrier. However, this smartness is bound by two limits: processing power and algorithms. As the game Republique has shown, processing power is not an issue, once the detail is kept under control. On the algorithmic side, […]

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Jan 16

Evidence Based Medicine Made Dead Easy – Part I

Disclaimer Okay, so it will not be dead easy. We’ll see later the full list of tricks and obstacles we find when trying to deploy an evidence based medicine system in an EHR system in a later post. But hopefully this one will help you realize that data analysis modules can and should be installed […]

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Jul 13

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Interactive Content

Brainific aims to provide leading innovative artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions. We strongly think there are different fields that would obtain benefits from their applications. For example, we are aware that fields such as on-demand content, advertisement, streaming media and interactive software are not taking advantage of what artificial intelligence and machine learning can […]

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Jul 11

How to install PatientOS on Ubuntu server

Here in Brainific we are interested in the applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence in very diverse fields. Our current goal is to find out how these techniques have evolved in e-health since Mycin, and what would be the needs addressed by them. For the sake of experimentation, we decided to test an open […]

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May 16

Mixing Machine Learning and Rule Systems

Rule systems are very powerful, flexible systems for describing an agent’s behaviour. However, it only usually learns facts; that is, the rules that govern their behaviour normally remain fixed. In this post we will try to couple rule systems with machine learning methods to augment an agent’s capabilities. This was basically the main goal of […]

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