What we offer

Brainific is a young company providing technology transfer and consulting in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining and Machine Learning, mainly backend servers and distributed systems. Our goal is to ensure that new technology can be integrated in the client’s business as soon as possible, first as a proof of concept, then as a prototype, and finally as a solution.

Our company can specially help other companies in technology transfer projects. Brainific analyses your business needs and provides innovative artificial intelligence solutions that combine the latest improvements in academia and industry. A proof of concept can show the suitability and readiness of the solution.

Once a solution has been identified, we bring additional resources to the client’s innovation project, involving the client’s own people at the same time. In this way we make sure at all steps that the know-how gained during the project is gradually transferred to the client. Both formal training sessions and on-the-job training can be arranged during the project. Our clients can choose whatever proprietary or open source products suits them best in the solution.

Finally, we transfer the up and running solution to the client. Usually the client will have its own IT department that will perform both operation and maintenance on the solution. Otherwise, Brainific can locate an appropriate partner with the right competence.

If your organization would like bring innovation to its products or processes using techniques from Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining or Machine Learning, and has available budget but cannot or will not increase its headcount for innovation projects, then Brainific is the right partner for your project.